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Everything you need to gather photos from your guests.

Unlimited photo sharing

Everyone at your wedding can upload their photos without storage limits.

Live Slideshows

Beautiful fullscreen slideshows that update live as photos are added.

Elegant designs

Choose colors, patterns, and fonts that match your wedding style.

Custom address

Your own unique web and email address make it easy for your guests to add their photos.


You can choose to approve each photo before it appears in the gallery.

Password protection

Add a password if you want to restrict who can see your gallery.

Full quality downloads

Download all the photos in their original quality after the event.

Made with Love

Built with pride and care just for you. Your happiness matters to us.

How it works

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Activation of your gallery is quick and easy. Only one signup is required to collect photos from everyone at the wedding!

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Share the link to your gallery or it's unique email address and start collecting photos from your family and friends.

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Everyone can upload their photos to one shared gallery through the web link or email from any device. No signups required.

Make it your own

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Customize the look and feel of the gallery to match your wedding style!

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